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Dr. Archie Bates portrait bustMy sculpture sits prominently in my living room and EVERYBODY comments on how magnificent it is.  Immediately upon deciding on a place to put it I always felt that something was missing.  It finally dawned on me that I'm almost inseparable from my eye glasses except when I'm in bed asleep.  So, I located a spare pair of glasses whose prescription had long seen its day.  I placed the glasses on the sculpture and voila' I became fully clothed and the image was unmistakably ME!  The thing most amazing was the attentiveness you gave to capturing proportion and size.  The eye glasses LITERALLY fit over my face like a glove as they rested on my ears and the bridge of my nose.  Allen, I'm almost emotional at this point while writing to you because I am simply moved (once again) by your rendition of me, particularly when you didn't even have that 3 dimensional little gnome sitting before you in person.  Impressive, impressive, impressive!


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